Website Hosting

Website Hosting

People are sometimes confused about what web hosting is.  A web host is a special type of computer where you keep your website files so they can be accessed via the Internet when someone types in your domain name.

Website HostingWe offer a safe, secure and reliable hosting service for:

  • Websites designed and developed by Spencer Web Design.
  • Websites designed by others. If needed, we can take care of the often-tricky job of moving your site to our servers.
  • Websites that have outgrown their current hosting and need more bandwidth and professional management.

Premium Managed WordPress Website Hosting & Maintenance Care Packages

Our website care packages give you peace of mind because they help prevent the kind of unresolved website problems that lead to emergency repairs, unplanned costs, and downtime.

  • Keep your reputation safe from hackers.
  • Take steps to prevent virus attacks.
  • Make sure your website code is kept up-to-date and functioning efficiently.

Our preventive website checkup includes:

  • Safely installing system updates. These include software updates, bug fixes and security improvements.
  • Making sure all the small programs, called plugins, on your site are up-to-date and functioning correctly. This helps to resolve software conflicts sometimes caused when the main system software is updated.  It also decreases security risks.
  • Cleaning out spam comments on your site because these can be a gateway for viruses and hackers.
  • Notifying you if we find genuine comments that need your attention.

We have 2 Hosting Care Packages to protect your website and prevent loopholes from outdated programming that allow hackers in.

*Platinum Care Plan: Content updates are minor tasks / changes that take 15 minutes or less. This includes but is not limited to content changes, adding pages or posts, updating slides, adding or changing images, adding calendar events, etc. It does not include adding eCommerce carts, Membership sites or any other complex system.

Website Care Plan

Secure Premium

$75 Monthly

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Platinum Care Plan

With Content Management

$125 Monthly

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